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Gorrissen Federspiel has assisted North-Tec

7 March 2024

Gorrissen Federspiel has assisted the owners of North-Tec in connection with the sale of North-Tec into the BioCirc Group.

North-Tec has technology that can ensure a flexible and intelligent combination of different green energy types such as electricity, gas, hydrogen, and methanol to be delivered to the energy market from BioCirc’s contemplated future land-based energy clusters at five locations around Denmark.

The acquisition of North-Tec is a significant milestone in BioCirc Group’s journey. The integration will also bolster BioCirc’s position in Germany and beyond, enabling faster and more efficient cross-border implementations. North-Tec’s expertise in establishing large energy plants is essential as BioCirc aims to penetrate larger markets and foster international collaborations.

We have enjoyed assisting the owners of North-Tec and the cooperation with the core team from BMZ.

The Gorrissen Federspiel team was led by partner Christoffer Fode, Managing Counsel Lasse Lyng Myrup and attorney David Wulff Kashi.

Congratulations to all parties involved.

Read more about the transaction here. (In Danish)

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