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Gorrissen Federspiel offers an exciting working life

Job satisfaction and well-being are the key to ensuring that Gorrissen Federspiel continues to be one of the country’s leading law firms. We therefore offer attractive employment conditions, a range of staff benefits and many social activities and events which contribute to a healthy work- life balance.

Our people value a good work-life balance. This can be a challenge if you have high ambitions of both, and we have therefore created the setting for a flexible working life at Gorrissen Federspiel.

Our people have the opportunity of organising their working day so that it matches their life situation. We do not have a “one-size-fits-all” solution, because we all have individual needs.

Counsellor structure

It is important that you can have an ongoing dialogue about job satisfaction, professional and individual growth and your career. Everyone who joins Gorrissen Federspiel is assigned a counsellor with whom they can have confidential discussions.

In connection with maternity leave, check-ins are held before, during and after the leave to balance expectations.

Several career paths

There are several paths to a good and exciting working life. At Gorrissen Federspiel, it is possible – depending on your life situation – to organise both your career and the career path itself at a pace that suits you best.

Flexibility and remote working

We acknowledge the need for workplace flexibility to have a healthy work-life balance. Our people can organise their work so they can leave the office early to pick up children, go for a run or similar and then later work from home again. We offer all our people the possibility of working from home once a week.

A flexible part-time model

Different models of part-time working are offered at Gorrissen Federspiel. We do not have a standard solution, but we try to find a solution that matches the individual’s life situation.

Social life

We have a strong team spirit, which is strengthened through social activities where our people can meet across the firm. If you are into physical activities, you can join a yoga class on the roof terrace, take a brisk run with our running club or join the weekly training with the football team. You can also join our e-sports team, get on your bike and enjoy a break in the nature or perhaps take part in an afternoon match on the badminton court.

In addition, we have several festive social activities. Our Christmas and summer parties offer entertainment, music and good food, and at the weekly Friday bar we get together and wish each other a good weekend. When the sun shines, we also open up the roof terrace in Copenhagen, where lunch or Friday wine can be enjoyed in the fresh air. In December, employees and their families are invited to a Christmas party with æbleskiver and gløgg.

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Other terms for our employees

Holiday entitlement

In addition to the five weeks of paid holiday under the Danish Holiday Act, all our people are entitled to five extra days of paid holiday. It is possible to take up to 10 days of holiday in advance.

Parental leave

After one year of employment, we offer female employees full pay for four weeks before the due date and 24 weeks after the birth. Fathers, co-mothers, social parents, and adoptive parents have the option to take up to 24 weeks of fully paid leave from birth to the end of the 52nd week after birth.


Gorrissen Federspiel has a compulsory pension scheme through PFA for our permanent staff and offers pension consulting services with the assigned pension consultant. In addition, Gorrissen Federspiel pays a bonus after the end of parental leave corresponding to the pension contribution which would have been paid if the employee had received pay during the period of leave. This bonus is paid directly into the pension savings.

Health insurance

All our people have health insurance through PFA.

Supplementary training

Gorrissen Federspiel offers internal and external supplementary training depending on experience, wishes and skills.

Travel grant

As a law student, it is possible to receive a travel grant if you want to study a semester abroad. Other staff members may apply for leave and a grant for supplementary training.

Staff benefits

We offer access to a range of special offers and shopping discounts for, e.g., books, restaurants, clothing, shoes, furniture, meal boxes and much more.

We also offer company breakfast, lunch and dinner programmes, take-away, dry cleaning services and other offers which make life a little easier for our people.

Competitive salary

We offer competitive salary to all our employees and an incentive scheme to all assistant attorneys, attorneys and department leaders.

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