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If you have international aspirations, you have come to the right place. At Gorrissen Federspiel, we send many of our people out into the world every year to improve their skills and return home with new knowledge.

A stay abroad broadens your horizons and gives you new perspectives. Outlook and international experience are an important part of our work, especially as companies, securities and assets are traded across borders and regulation becomes increasingly international. With international experience behind them, our lawyers can offer exceptional quality advice and service to the firm’s international clients.

Every year, many of our people go abroad to study or on secondment to a law firm or company. Many of our law students also take a semester abroad as part of their studies. Law students working at Gorrissen Federspiel may apply for a travel grant to support their studies abroad.

Our strong international relationships are a result of the close and long-standing cooperation with a number of the world’s leading law firms, banks, audit firms and insurance companies. We can therefore guarantee our clients professional advice at short notice where this is needed.

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