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Gorrissen Federspiel as a workplace

Team spirit is a core value of our work

At Gorrissen Federspiel, our working culture is based on our five values: team spirit, quality, value creation, vision and ethics. They all play into the way we work with colleagues and clients and describe what we stand for both professionally and as people. The values are thus lived and experienced clearly in everyday life.

We mean it when we say that community and collaboration are some of the things that bind us together in a busy workday and help ensure that we can deliver our absolute best. It is no secret that we are committed to professionalism and quality and have high expectations of you. But team spirit is an important part of the equation.

Team spirit comes into play when tasks pile up, when a deadline is fast approaching, when you face unforeseen challenges in everyday life or need an informal chat at the coffee machine. Whatever the situation, there is always a colleague to consult. We do not have pointy elbows, because we are convinced that we achieve the best results by working together. That does not mean that we do not have high expectations – because we always expect you to deliver quality.

Your development is a priority

We deliver top-class advice, and that requires the right environment for our people. This is why we focus on your development and well-being throughout your career. If you are employed as an assistant attorney, you will also take part in a bespoke training programme to prepare you for your work as an attorney.

Social activities bind us closer together

We spend many hours together every day, and it is important for us to create a sense of community throughout the firm to ensure that employee motivation is high. Being in a league of our own is not just something we say. It is the foundation of our entire strategy. Therefore, well-being, job satisfaction and dedicated employees are essential for our business.

We have a strong team spirit, which is created through social activities where our employees can meet across the firm. If you are into physical activities, you can join a yoga class on the roof terrace, take a brisk run with our running club or join the weekly training with the football team. You can also join our e-sports team, get on your bike and enjoy a break in nature or perhaps take part in an afternoon match on the badminton court.

In addition, we have several festive social activities. Our Christmas and summer parties offer entertainment, music and good food, and at the weekly Friday bar we get together and wish each other a good weekend. When the sun shines, we also open up the roof terrace in Copenhagen, where lunch or Friday wine can be enjoyed in the fresh air. In December, employees and their families are invited to a Christmas party with æbleskiver and gløgg. Then there are all those spontaneous appointments that arise over a chat in the kitchen and can provide a much-needed break in a busy day.

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The world is waiting for you

If you have international aspirations, you have come to the right place. At Gorrissen Federspiel, we send many of our people out into the world every year to improve their skills and return home with new knowledge.

A stay abroad can help broaden your horizons and give you new perspectives. Outlook and international experience are an important part of our work, especially as companies, securities and assets are traded across borders and regulation becomes increasingly international.

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Work-life balance

At Gorrissen Federspiel, we value our people, and we have provided the setting for a work-life balance. Whether you have a family with young children or you need workplace flexibility for other reasons, we offer flexible solutions. This means, among other things, that you can leave the office early to pick up children or similar and then later work from home again.

We also offer flexible career paths where you can step the pace of your career up and down. You can work part-time depending on your life situation and generally organise the working day to match your needs. We offer take-away so you can take food home and spend time with your family rather than doing the shopping and cooking.

We offer you the opportunity of a healthy work-life balance with these benefits which contribute to a flexible everyday life

  • Culture based on trust and confidentiality between employee and management
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Possibility of remote working
  • Several career paths
  • Development at your own pace
  • Flexible part-time model
  • Check-ins in connection with maternity leave
  • Bonus at the end of parental leave
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