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Gorrissen Federspiel peaks survey of Danish law firms

26 March 2020

In a new analysis from Kantar Sifo Prospera, Danish undertakings rank Gorrissen Federspiel no. 1.

In a new survey asking 201 Danish undertakings to assess ten Danish law firm, Gorrissen Federspiel takes first place in overall performance. The research firm Kantar Sifo Prospera has conducted the survey ”Prospera Law Firm Review Denmark 2020”.

In the survey, undertakings were segmented into two groups based on their needs for legal advice in 2019. Gorrissen Federspiel was rated best across all performance criteria in the segment of undertakings with a moderate need for legal advice as well as in the segment with a great need for legal advice. Last year, Gorrissen Federspiel came in second in both groups.

”We are always filled with humility and pride when Gorrissen Federspiel obtains a high rating in the surveys conducted by research agencies. This feeling becomes even more intense here, because this is the assessment of Danish companies, including several of our own clients. Being a full-service law firm providing advice on all aspects of business law, we continuously strive to be the preferred advisor to business and industry and to deliver uncompromising quality.  This strategy seems to work and for that we are very pleased”, says Managing Partner, Martin André Dittmer.

In the survey, undertakings were, among other things, asked to assess performance and legal competence. In these areas, Gorrissen Federspiel tops the list within a number of practice areas, such as M&A, Banking & Finance, Litigation, Shipping & Transport, IT & Outsourcing. The undertakings also assessed Gorrissen Federspiel best in respect of “availability & service”, “client understanding” and “project management” – and not least “willingness to recommend”.

”We are experiencing increased focus on responsibility in society in general as well as in Danish undertakings. This affects their choice of legal advisor and makes demands on us as trusted advisor. Not only do we have to deliver the best and most qualified advice, but we also have to act with integrity and responsibility. Our livelihood depends on our good reputation and therefore it is extremely important that our clients are willing to recommend us to others”, says Martin André Dittmer.

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