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Pernille Løvenskjold Nielsen


In my department, we are good at giving each other room to concentrate on a task, and I really appreciate this. At the same time, there’s always room for a good laugh, both when we’re in the middle of an important annual report or during the daily lunch.

I work in Gorrissen Federspiel’s Accounting Department and my tasks include daily bookkeeping of incoming and outgoing payments, reconciliation, answering the group mailbox and general support to the rest of the firm. There are also recurring tasks like the monthly closing of the books and preparation of material for the audit.

In the Accounting Department, we’re good at helping each other and accommodating diversity. We work closely together – even though some of our colleagues work in Aarhus and I’m based in Copenhagen. We have meetings every week, where we discuss all sorts of issues, consult with each other and share knowledge across the department. There’s room to concentrate on a task, and I appreciate this – particularly because we also have room for a good laugh and we go to lunch together every day.

I generally have a close relation to my managers, both when it comes to consulting my management about professional issues or if I have ideas for new workflows. The door is always open and we can have a dialogue, which contribute to a good atmosphere in the department. GF is a flexible working place, where being a happy and healthy person with leisure activities and a family is valued. I, for instance, prefer to go in early in the morning and get started on my daily tasks before the buzz begins. In this way, I can adjust my working hours to my work-life balance. My work and the value I bring to the firm are appreciated, and I therefore enjoy coming into the office every day.

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