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Bjørn Jurjans Moosgaard

Attorney, Corporate/M&A

As a mentor under the mentor programme, Bjørn helps our students and assistant attorneys balance their working and private life – while advising companies on corporate law issues.

No two days are the same. My day typically begins with a cheerful “good morning” and a quick chat with the colleagues at the coffee machine before I dig into my work for the day. Some days unforeseen tasks come up, which must be dealt with right away – I therefore usually sort my e- mails and appointments so that I have a good overview of my day. In this way, it’s easier for me to prioritise my time.

My work mainly consists of assisting clients with corporate law issues, including, for instance, restructurings by preparing merger/division plans, drafts for resolutions of the board of directors and the general meeting and otherwise advice on the process. But I also spend time on interpreting co-operative legislation and on the entire process related to company transfers. Everything from the initial confidentiality agreements to due diligence inquiries, negotiations and execution of transfer and shareholders’ agreements.

I typically juggle several tasks and projects at one time, and fortunately I can always consult with my talented colleagues. Of course, we also have time to discuss other things; hobbies and Netflix recommendations are often debated in the office. It really makes a difference in a busy working day that I have good colleagues whom you can talk to about both professional and personal things.

In addition to the client-related tasks, which take up most of my time, I also enjoy spending time on being a mentor under our “mentor programme” – both for law students and assistant attorneys. I’m also part of the Gorrissen team of lawyers who during the spring guides our talented law students from Aarhus University through their participation in the international mooting competition “Vis Moot”.


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