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Lars Løkke Rasmussen joins Gorrissen Federspiel as an advisor

Gorrissen Federspiel Law Firm and former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen have entered into an agreement under which Lars Løkke Rasmussen joins Gorrissen Federspiel as Senior Special Advisor.
29 January 2020

With an agreement under which Lars Løkke Rasmussen becomes Senior Special Advisor, Gorrissen Federspiel wishes to add an extra dimension to the law firm’s services in the form of insight into socio-politics and a geopolitical outlook regarding major Danish and international corporates.

“We experience that the context and surroundings of many of our clients are becoming increasingly complex. Major corporates are expected to take social responsibility beyond their core business, and geopolitical and international currents may change their world overnight. Changing social conditions impact much more on their strategic latitude and decision-making processes today than previously, and this also has a significant effect on their legal considerations”, says Martin André Dittmer, Managing Partner at Gorrissen Federspiel.

“Competent attorneys are trusted advisors. We know our clients’ business, and we must understand how the surrounding context affects them. This also means understanding the socio-political and geopolitical context – and this is where we see that Lars Løkke Rasmussen will be able to contribute with insight into Danish societal conditions and outlook on the world, which will strengthen us as a law firm”, he continues.

Under the agreement, Lars Løkke Rasmussen will work part time as an independent advisor as part of the law firm’s general legal counselling. Gorrissen Federspiel is one of Denmark’s largest law firms and provides advice to corporates, funds and public authorities within all areas of business law – in recent years, Gorrissen Federspiel has provided advice in relation to some of the largest infrastructure projects and similar investments in Denmark and abroad.

“My entire adult life has been centred on the development of Danish society and Denmark’s role in the world. I am very pleased to be able to use this knowledge and the competencies that I have acquired to provide advice to major Danish and international corporates so that they may make wise decisions for themselves and the society that they are a part of”, says Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

The agreement takes effect on April 15th 2020.

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