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Louise Stahlschmidt

Student Assistant, Intake and Compliance

In the summer of 2020, I started working at Gorrissen Federspiel as an assistant and I gained experience working both in the print centre and at the reception.

In the summer of 2022, I started studying Business Administration & Corporate Communication at Copenhagen Business School. When I started my studies, I was offered to continue as a student assistant in the Intake and Compliance department, where I now work 12 hours a week.  My work in Intake & Compliance consists mainly of creating matters and doing conflict checks. This involves verifying and screening clients and other parties. My tasks are varied, and I also assist with filing and organising in New Banking, which is one of the systems we use on a daily basis.

One advantage of being in a large law firm like Gorrissen Federspiel is the many colleagues I am surrounded by every day. They bring a lot to everyday life – both professionally and socially. There are around 50 students in the house, and twice a year we have student-only events. These events strengthen relationships across departments, age and education. There are also plenty of opportunities for out-of-hours activities with colleagues, including padel, yoga and a Friday bar. As a newcomer from Southern Jutland, it has been fantastic that I have made good friendships through my work at Gorrissen Federspiel. They include current and former work colleagues who I see a lot of in my free time.

The job does not affect my studies, as my department and Gorrissen Federspiel as a firm are very understanding of the fact that I also have studies to attend to. Working hours are flexible and I can choose when I want to work and study. Thus, I feel a great support from Gorrissen Federspiel regarding my studies.

What I think has been particularly positive is that no matter what department I have been in, I feel included. There is always room and time for development and challenges in my work as a student assistant. Professionally, there is a great teamwork between the different departments, with the lawyers and with the secretaries, and everyone is always ready to lend a helping hand or give good advice and guidance if I have questions or doubts about a task. At Gorrissen Federspiel, there is ample opportunity for learning and developing – regardless of which department you work in.


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