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Gorrissen Federspiel saw significant growth in 2021

30 March 2022

In 2021, Gorrissen Federspiel once again broke its record and reported revenue of DKK 959.5 million, corresponding to double-digit growth of 19.4%. The figures featured in the 2021 financial statements.

As evidenced by Gorrissen Federspiel’s just published 2021 financial statements, expectations were exceeded by far with revenue of DKK 959.5 million, corresponding to growth of 19.4%. This is the highest revenue in the history of our firm.

The results exceed expectations for the year and are attributable to accelerated organic growth and an extremely positive development across all practice areas. In particular the M&A market has seen an extraordinarily high level of activity throughout the year.

“In the run-up to 2021, we were expecting a busy year and a relatively high level of activity. But our expectations were far from the level of activity that turned out to be the reality,” says Martin André Dittmer, Managing Partner at Gorrissen Federspiel.

“In light of the increased level of activity, we boosted a number of practice areas by adding to both our group of partners and our staff of employees, and this meant that we had the resources and the capacity to continue the strong growth throughout the year. We’re looking back at one of the busiest years in the firm’s history, and we’re stronger than ever” says Martin André Dittmer.

In the course of 2021, we took on 140 new people, including 67 lawyers. At year-end 2021, Gorrissen Federspiel had a total of 535 employees.

Outlook for 2022

In spite of the uncertain economic prospects that the world is facing at present, we are still expecting to see the positive trend across practice groups continuing in 2022, although at a more “normalised” level.

“We’re well equipped to meet our clients’ needs with the staff resources we have today. At the same time, we’ll continue to reap the benefit of the strategic measures we’ve taken in recent years,” says Martin André Dittmer, and mentions, for instance, energy, tax, life science and real property as well as the increase in the number of partners.

Gorrissen Federspiel is expecting to see 2022 revenue grow by approx. 5% and is aiming to cross the DKK 1 billion mark.

Annual Report 2021 (Danish only)

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