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Gorrissen Federpiel is the preferred law firm

Gorrissen Federspiel is ranked as the no. 1 law firm in Kantar Sifo Prospera’s market analysis of the Danish legal profession in which 209 companies have evaluated the largest law firms in Denmark. It is the second consecutive year that Gorrissen Federspiel ranks as the best law firm.
23 March 2021

In a new market analysis from Kantar Sifo Prospera, Gorrissen Federspiel is ranked as the no. 1 law firm in Denmark for the second consecutive year. In the ”Prospera Tier 1 Law Firm Review 2021 Denmark”, 209 Danish companies have evaluated the ten largest law firms in Denmark, and Gorrissen Federspiel comes in first in the overall evaluation.

”As a law firm, we strive to be in a league of our own – offering clients a level of service and legal competence they do not have in-house and which is hard to get elsewhere. I am very delighted and proud to see this recognition of our skilled employees and their dedication towards clients,” says Martin André Dittmer, Managing Partner at Gorrissen Federspiel.

In the analysis, the companies have evaluated the law firms based on legal competencies and various criteria for the lawyers’ performance, including the ability to understand the clients’ business and to provide specialist advice, that there is a coherence between price and quality, being available and service-minded, composing the right team of lawyers, etc.

Martin André Dittmer is particularly pleased that clients rank Gorrissen Federspiel no. 1 in respect of “specialist competence”, “availability & service” and “willingness to recommend”.

”Today, many companies have in-house legal competencies. When they approach a law firm, it is often in connection to complex matters. If the advice and service they get is not top of the line and does not live up to their expectations, they will take their business elsewhere the next time. Therefore, I am pleased that we have obtained such a high ranking of our competencies as well as service – but also in respect of our clients’ willingness to recommend us. That is the best recognition we can get as lawyers”, says Martin André Dittmer.

About the analysis

Prospera Tier 1 Law Firm Review 2021 Denmark is a market analysis based on in-depth interviews with the largest Danish companies. In this year’s analysis, 209 Danish companies have evaluated the ten largest Danish law firms. The respondents have in the course of the year spent more than DKK 1.5 million on legal services. In addition, a segmentation has been made in respect of companies that have spent more than of DKK 6 million on legal services.

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