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Sofie Louise Hellensberg

Project law student, Corporate/M&A

When I was employed as a project law student in my second year of law school, I was invited to the annual summer party, even though I hadn’t officially started yet. I was a little nervous about attending a party where I didn’t know anyone, but it was an incredibly positive and welcoming experience that really set the tone for my start at Gorrissen Federspiel.

My main role is indexing on large M&A transactions, where I work with the lawyers and other project law students in data rooms as part of the due diligence process. It’s exciting to be involved in major M&A transactions with well-known companies so early in your studies, and you quickly develop a sense of structure and thoroughness in your work.

In addition to the indexing on M&A transactions, my day-to-day life as a project law student also involves a wide range of other tasks. I have contributed to the collection and indexing of evidence for major litigation, assisted with legal research and performed practical tasks such as preparing signing and closing binders for M&A transactions.

At Gorrissen Federspiel, we also have the opportunity to work across practice groups and receive assignments from other law students, which gives us a wide range of experience within different areas of law. We value team spirit and help each other out when needed, so you never feel alone when faced with new challenges.

The social aspect

There are currently around 50 law students in our Copenhagen office, and although this may seem like a large group to manage, we have a really strong sense of community. Gorrissen Federspiel organises two student events annually, which significantly strengthen our community, and this is further supported by our dedicated student committee, which organises several social events in our spare time. In addition, there is a wide range of ongoing social activities for all employees, ranging from sports activities such as football, padel and yoga to entertaining events such as FIFA tournaments, music bingo and celebrations of different cultures, such as Chinese New Year.

This wide range of social events creates a strong social bond across all practice groups and positions.

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