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Jens Gade

Project law student, Corporate/M&A

As a project law student, you gain insight into a law firm with challenging legal assignments and a strong team spirit. Read more about Jens’ working day

I started working as a project law student at the beginning of my third semester of law school. I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the firm’s trip to Dubrovnik in 2022. It was a great experience and an unique opportunity to get to know my new colleagues in a setting outside the office.

As a project law student, I am part of a team of students who mainly assist the Corporate/M&A practice group. My main task is indexing on large M&A transactions, where I work together with the lawyers and the other project law students in data rooms in connection with the due diligence processes. It is exciting to be involved in large M&A transactions with large, renowned companies at such an early stage of my studies, and you quickly develop a flair for structure and attention to detail in working with data rooms.

In addition to indexing on M&A transactions, my work as a project law student also involves a variety of other tasks. For example, I have been involved in gathering and organising evidence in a trademark opposition case and researched and described the rules of universal succession in the context of a demerger for another case. As a project law student, you will also help the other teams of law students from time to time with tasks in their respective groups if they need a helping hand. In this way, you are introduced to several different areas of law. This is one of the great advantages of working as a law student at a law firm like Gorrissen Federspiel.

Currently we are around 50 students at the Copenhagen office alone, and even though it may sound like a lot of faces and names to keep track of, there is a good and strong teamwork and network among the students. Gorrissen Federspiel organises two student events each year, which greatly contribute to strengthening the teamwork and network. In addition, there is a wide range of social activities for all employees. These activities include football, padel, badminton and yoga, to name but a few. I have taken part in the annual football tournament, which takes place on the same day as the firm’s Christmas party. Most recently, the students unfortunately came second after losing to the assistant attorneys in the final. In my student team, we play a lot of padel. That is a terrific way to socialise with your colleagues outside the office.


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