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The digital development is happening faster than ever, and as a law firm, we have a responsibility to continuously embrace it. At Gorrissen Federspiel, we therefore see great value in legal tech.

We collaborate and consult with several Danish legal tech startups. We do this to help make the technologies as good as possible. This benefits ourselves, the legal industry and our clients. We are curious about developments and keep a close eye on the market and new technologies that can improve the quality of our advice and create value for our clients.

We use a wide range of digital tools in our administration and case management to streamline our workflows and improve existing processes.

Here you can see a selection of these tools and how they add value to our case management:

Due Diligence (Kira)

We use Kira for our due diligence processes, where its AI engine helps us review substantial amounts of data quickly and efficiently. If clauses and provisions in contracts need to be reviewed to identify potential irregularities that should be investigated further, Kira allows us to identify contracts that stand out.

Translation (DeepL)

DeepL is our digital translation tool that securely and efficiently translates both raw text and entire documents across a wide range of languages. While maintaining high translation quality, the tool differentiates itself by focusing on IT security.

Redaction (Ante Anonymous)

We use Ante Anonymous as our digital anonymisation tool, which can irreversibly anonymise sensitive information safely and effectively, while ensuring that no third party receives any information. The tool uses text recognition to quickly anonymise a document by identifying personal data such as CPR and CVR numbers, names and addresses.

Databases (Resights, BIQ & Firmnav, etc.)

We use multiple knowledge databases to streamline our workflows, aggregating information from a wide range of data points to provide fast and accurate advice. Using Firmnav and BIQ, we can, for example, identify potential buyers for assets in the event of insolvency or produce market analysis for the Competition Law practice group. We use Resights to identify property data and company information to provide better advice and due diligence for our clients.

E-learning (KnowledgeHub)

We have developed our own e-learning platform, KnowledgeHub, which we use to deliver e-learning to our clients. It is usually a challenge to provide training that is tailored to the needs of employees during a busy working day when other work takes priority. This is where e-learning can be an advantage. Training can be completed when and where it is convenient for the individual employee.

Virtual data rooms (HighQ)

HighQ is our virtual data room solution that provides an efficient and secure way to exchange sensitive information between parties, including those involved in M&A transactions. We have control over exactly which parties have access to which data, so confidentiality can be assured. We can also create bidder sites where parties cannot see each other but can see the same data room.

Whistleblower Software

We have entered a partnership with Whistleblower Software, a company that provides a user-friendly whistleblower system that meets all the requirements of the law. We are experts in screening cases and can provide the necessary policies and risk assessments (DPIA) required under GDPR – we are also experts in the use of a wide range of whistleblower tools.

Bankruptcy proceedings (BELLA)

We use the BELLA bankruptcy portal to streamline our bankruptcy workflow by automating manual processes. BELLA can assist in gathering all the information from all relevant sources required in a bankruptcy proceeding to provide the best possible advice to our clients.

IP Case Management (Patricia)

Patricia is our case management system that we use for IP matters. The system is also used to manage and protect intellectual property such as trademarks and designs. Patricia provides an overview of relevant case data for the management of our clients’ IP portfolios and the ability for clients to find overviews and important documents, including registration certificates and agreements, via our web portal. The tool also helps to keep track of deadlines and dates for submission of applications, payments and maintenance of rights to ensure nothing is missed.

Digital Signature (DocuSign)

We use DocuSign to digitally sign documents to streamline our workflow. There are considerable time savings to be gained from using the tool, as negotiations and agreements can be completed faster, regardless of geographical location. In addition, any changes to the documents can be quickly made and resubmitted for signatures, again regardless of geographical location.

Document automation

We work with document automation of our document paradigms to streamline and optimise our workflows. This technology allows us to produce documents that meet our standards, thus improving the accuracy and consistency of our work.

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