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Family Offices og Family Constitution

We advise on Family Offices and Family Constitution, including establishment thereof, preservation of family assets and family businesses, investments and safeguarding family interests.

Securing a family’s assets and other interests has become increasingly complex. Increased regulation leads to complexity. Investing in foreign assets or family members moving abroad or moving to Denmark may also add complexity. Consequently, more families are establishing Family Offices to manage their investments and preserve their assets and other family interests.

At Gorrissen Federspiel, we assist many Danish owner families and have an in-depth understanding of their situation, both in relation to the operation of their businesses and in relation to the private legal matters that need to be handled to preserve the family’s assets and private interests. Thanks to our deep commercial insight as leading business lawyers and our close relationship and knowledge of many business owners and their families, we are well placed to work with our clients, providing advice with a long-term perspective to business owners, families and Family Offices. We know the considerations that need to be made and the issues that need to be addressed when passing wealth and influence on to the next generation in the best possible way. At the same time, we know that families are different and that our advice must take this into account so that the advice is adapted to the individual family.

We advise families and Family Offices on compliance, ownership structures and corporate governance, transition of wealth to the next generation and succession planning in general (see also Wealth planning, transition and optimisation), Purchase and sale of companies and other investments, Major private sales and purchases (see also Purchase and sale of private assets in Denmark and abroad).

Our services are flexible and we tailor our advice to match the individual family or Family Office manager. Thanks to our strong international network, we can handle matters with international aspects in a simple and secure way for the family and its Family Office.

We also assist with the establishment of Family Offices, including advising on whether establishing a Family Office is the right way to safeguard a family’s investments and interests. In addition, we advise on Family Constitution that can help balance and preserve the long-term interests of the family, thereby preventing conflicts within the family.

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Wealth planning, transition and optimisation

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Administration of estates and foundations

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Purchase and sale of private assets in Denmark and abroad

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Marriage and other private matters

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