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Secondment in Milan at Nunziante Magrone

Why did you choose to be seconded to Nunziante Magrone in Milan?

“I wanted to try something different than the traditional secondment destinations. My partner is half-Italian and we’ve both always wanted to live in Italy, so it was the obvious choice. In addition, Gorrissen Federspiel has a strong relationship with Nunziante Magrone.”

What are your personal and professional objectives for the secondment?

“First, I want to strengthen my international profile, and secondly, I thought it would be interesting to experience what it’s like to work with a different legal system. Compared to Italy, Denmark has a slightly more trust-based society, which is also reflected in our legal system. In Italy, there are several formalities in the legal process that reflect this difference, for example, when concluding agreements. It’s exciting to get a perspective different from what is familiar, and you realise that there are far more similarities than differences.”

Which matters and clients have you been involved with?

“I provide corporate advice in matters where there’s an international aspect. Among other things, I act as the link between Danish clients and my Italian colleagues. It’s a slightly different role than I’m used to because my role is primarily client-oriented and communicative, whereas my focus in Denmark is more on legal issues. I’m learning a lot from that.”

How does Nunziante Magrone differ from Gorrissen Federspiel
as a workplace?

“In Italy there’s a clear hierarchy. For example, I quickly noticed that the boss is addressed as “avvocato”, i.e. with the title, as was customary in Denmark many years ago. I’m probably more of a flat hierarchy person, but on the other hand, it has given me a greater understanding of how authority is viewed in many foreign countries. It’s something I can use when I, as a Dane, work with international relations.”

What does it mean to you that Gorrissen Federspiel supports the development of your international experience?

“I really appreciate that. To me, Gorrissen Federspiel’s international focus is not just something they say they want to focus on, but something they do. In my experience, it’s up to me to figure out what I want, and then there’s a shared focus on how we realise those ambitions.”

What is your best advice for colleagues considering a secondment abroad?

“It’s by far the easiest thing to stay in Denmark, and that’s exactly why you should go abroad. There’ll be things that are new, you’ll have to get by in a foreign language, and so on. But it’s worth it. You gain an international network and develop your legal competences. I strongly recommend it.”

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