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Frederikke Bastkjær Jakobsen

Law student, Real Estate

Frederikke has combined the job as law student with time-consuming participation in an international mooting competition, which has given her valuable experience and relevant knowledge for the student job with Gorrissen Federspiel.

I work as a law student with Gorrissen Federspiel, and in 2021 I participated in the international mooting competition Vis Moot, where I represented Aarhus University.

I have many different assignments in my job as law student. I have, for instance, followed the process in connection with reviewing documents to make a risk assessment of potential legal proceedings and whether they should be initiated. I have also been involved in minor parts of the due diligence process in company transfers.

I have also worked on an international presentation of the burden of proof in discrimination cases and a presentation to horse sellers on the amendments to the Danish Sale of Goods Act and how it affects the sale of horses in the future. I have also worked with non-solicitation and non- competition clauses, product liability, choice of law in bankruptcy, shareholders’ agreements and much more. Sometimes my job is to prepare a draft email, which answers the client’s issue, and other times I must prepare an internal memo on the issue.

When I participated in the Vis Moot competition, Gorrissen Federspiel was very supportive and showed both understanding and flexibility in connection with the time and energy required to participate. In Vis Moot, I have learned a lot about drafting pleadings and presentation techniques. These are skills which I can also use in my job as law student. As a law student with Gorrissen Federspiel, it’s important that you can present complicated legal issues in a simple and precise way, and these skills were also relevant for my participation in Vis Moot. I’m happy to be able to combine these two and at the same time become even better at my job.

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